The Voice of 17.4 million people for By-Elections, Brexit & Beyond

We are a cross-party membership Association open to everyone, committed to delivering a clean Brexit; and work with established campaign groups to give the 17.4 million who voted Leave in the referendum a Voice that will be heard loud and clear in Parliament. To volunteer to represent you're constituency click here to build your local group.

Democracy 17.4 advocates

  • Leaving the EU now and on our terms, The British economy needs
    clear leadership now.
  • no further extension of transition beyond March 2019.
  • Global trading to start in March 2019 if not before
  • No concessions to EU over our 200 mile limit on territorial waters.
  • Immigration Control our borders.
  • Slash foreign aid budget from £13 bn to £1 bn and split the saving 50/50 between the NHS and the Defence Budget.
  • Scrap adherence to the European Arrest Warrant and reinstate Hebeas corpus. No extension of ECJ powers beyond March 2019.
  • No to our Armed Services joining EU military union.
  • No divorce money to be paid to the EU.
Brexiteers in both Parliament and in government are in a minority. Democracy 17.4 believes this is unacceptable and that Parliament must bow to the People, not try to reinterpret their instructions. By subscribing to our Association, we aim to send a very strong signal that our Voice must be received, heard, and understood. We look forward to the first by-election and we welcome members standing. Democracy 17.4 has set its subscription at the introductory rate of only £3 for lifetime membership for the first 10,000 applicants; rising to £4 thereafter. Alfred Bovill, Founder & Research Leader.
Sir William Jaffray Bt., co-Founder & Chairman.


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