Great Britain is a maritime nation whose people decided to take back control of their destiny from an unaccountable Brussels bureaucracy; a decision cast by 17.4 million people to Leave the EU unconditionally (and thus unilaterally) but which our present government has set its face against with futile Article 50 negotiations. Here is where we stand.

Sovereignty and Democracy

From March 2019, Parliament alone must make English Law, overriding EU law from the ECJ. Repeal the European Communities Act, 1972, forthwith.


From March 2019, the NHS must cease being the International Health Service. If health tourists wish to use the facility, they must pay full commercial rates or go elsewhere. Slash the NHS bureaucracy to free up funds for front line services.


From March 2019, UK borders must be regulated. We advocate a cap of 13,000 migrants per annum; only skilled workers can apply. Work permits for anyone else, no access to housing or other benefits. A Repatriation Fund to assist migrants to return to their homelands. (For example, safe zones to be created in Syria on the advent of an Anglo-Russian Treaty on the Syrian issue). For more information on this subject, click here

Trade deals

Global trade to start in March 2019 with Commonwealth countries, the U.S., China, Japan, India, and Russia. Offer bilateral trade deals to countries in the EU bloc which bypass the EU altogether. For instance, to Hungary and Italy.

Slash the Foreign Aid Budget

Slash foreign aid from £14 billion to £1 billion and split annual saving 50/50 between NHS and Defence Budget.


Only 5% of British companies export to the EU yet EU regulations impact on all our businesses. Scrap regs for the 95% by March 2019.


From March 2019, no more of our money goes to the EU. No divorce payment. If the EU wants access to the lucrative British market, they will have to pay us.

Financial industry

From March 2019, our financial services industry to be 100% exempt from any and all EU regulations or other restrictions. Click here to read the news report from Bloomberg.

Security and Justice

Democracy17.4 is adamant the European Arrest Warrant must go, as of March 2019, and that Habeas Corpus be reinstated forthwith. It has served us well for over three centuries. This alien EAW is a power to arrest British citizens without charge.


From March 2019, our territorial waters to extend to the 200 mile limit, and be patrolled by Royal Navy gunboats, as required. Where countries have purchased fish quotas, those contracts to be vitiated. Find out more here


From March 2019, the U.K. to withdraw from the Common Agricultural Policy or CAP. Since over half our gift of £8 billion plus is squandered on continental farmers, HM Treasury can afford to increase a British subsidy and leave some change over for the Exchequer.


British ports will revive upon leaving the EU. Ports will play a key role in servicing our new EU-regulatory-free global trade.

State Aid rules

As from March 2019, if not before, this EU nonsense of awarding British contracts to foreigners must stop. Amber Rudd take note. Many other countries produce their own passports.


The British government has been deliberately opaque, if not disingenuous, over any commitment of our Armed Services to the European Defence force (PESCO). This is unacceptable. This first duty of government is defence of the realm and its citizens, and no one can serve two masters.


By March 2019, British Purchase Tax to replace VAT at the lower rate of 15% since 5% is paid to the EU including its admin charges. A fiscally neutral reduction will provide a timely boost to the British economy. A number of our members are now pressing for abolition of both Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.


There is no housing shortage in the UK. Reduce demand by facilitating migrants to return home and there will be a surplus of supply.

We invite members of the public to join Democracy17-4 to make these happen.