Aerial bombardment of Syria

April 9, 2018
Rudd, Carney and Osborne commit high treason?
June 16, 2018

Aerial bombardment of Syria

After the air strikes in the early hours of Saturday 14 April, an initial appraisal of how the West reached this sorry state of affairs is due. Parliament reassembles on Monday 16th. Will they ask the right questions, will they seek to examine the state of mind of our Prime Minister to reach an understanding of recent events? Is there a connection between the Skripal assassination attempt of Sunday 4th March and the air strike?

The expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats on the heels of allegations yet to be proven, followed swiftly by our government persuading allies to expel a further 150 Russian diplomats did, of course, cut communication lines; US senators even refused to meet or return calls, leading to a complete standoff. The Press, both at home and abroad, fanned the flames of Russophobia at a time when cooler heads were needed. It is not often that we agree with Jeremy Corbyn, yet he was pilloried for his eminently reasonable advice that we must open a dialogue, we must talk to Russia.

Into this febrile atmosphere flew a war of words, followed by weekend air strikes without parliamentary oversight. Is this mere coincidence or are darker forces at work here? The short answer is we do not know, at least not until the Prime Minister can be publicly examined. Although what is apparent is her split personality; the dichotomy between someone so gung-ho as to order immediate air strikes on her own authority, (on revulsion at possible use of chemical weapons by President Assad) yet at the same time to make concession after concession to the EU who have not hesitated to use economic weapons of mass destruction against the U.K.

At the June 2017 General Election, the electorate, in their wisdom, and with commendable intuition, denied the Conservatives a working majority. Far from offering a strong and stable government, we now have Matilda with her matches in Downing Street. If the people of Great Britain have a chance at peace, it will in no small part be due to the calm and considered statesmanship of one man. The President of Russia.

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