Edward Farmer’s Letter.

Letter from Steve Baker MP.
April 1, 2019
Email to Mr. Woody Johnson.
April 10, 2019

Edward Farmer’s Letter.

Here are the names of the 37 Conservative MPs that voted for a customs union in direct contravention of an election manifesto promise not to https://commonsvotes.digiminster.com/Divisions/Details/666?byMember=false

It is clear that these MPs are in the pockets of big business using EU rules to further their aims. Time for the 150,000 members to seize back control of the Conservative Party by getting these MPs out and to take down CCHQ that parachute these people into safe seats.

This can be achieved by all members going on strike. The one thing big business cannot do is canvass on the doorstep, and this is where the membership can exact maximum effect. In fact it is deeply insulting that business has taken the Conservative membership for fools for so long. Well, no longer.

There needs therefore to be a concerted campaign of deselecting the above MPs and also stopping all assistance canvassing and all the other hard work that members do.

Then and only then will Conservatives be a force again when the local associations are able to choose their own candidates who actually represent their views.

It’s called democracy and that is what the Conservatives and their business backers have forgotten.

Best wishes,


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