Thank you for joining Democracy 17.4

Next steps are to link you with other members in your area (all groups are based on the constituency in which you vote) and others in your area you may already know. Please get Leavers to join D17.4. Maybe a notice in a local corner shop, for starters. A third of the £3 payments go to the local group. If you initially set up a local group, such as Leavers of, you can link this into the HQ web site and be open to others to contact you in your area and begin to meet up. There are already quite a few of us in Kensington. I have copied three in. We recommend that you find a pub to meet in (the social element of the group, much like Leavers of London to whom you can introduce your members) and have regular monthly meetings (the creative element) to discuss issues (this may coincide with the social meeting) local to your Constituency, and in a standardised feedback form let HQ know of the local issues and national issues you want dealt with as future policy issues. Above all, enjoy yourself, meet new friends, make a difference and know that what you are doing will change the fortunes of this country for the better, free of the EU, a Clean Brexit.