Trump Visits the UK

Views on Brexit heard on the High Street
June 25, 2018

Trump Visits the UK

Few of us can be really surprised by the latest betrayal- the Chequers proposals to remain in the EU in all but name. BRINO. It was always ludicrous to place much trust in a remainer, a machine politician of very limited intellect, with respect. Now the cat is out of the bag, where are the calls for her resignation? Too many Tory MPs have swallowed the line that the removal of the PM will usher in Corbyn. This is nonsense. When Margaret Thatcher was toppled in November 1990, John Major took over and carried on until the 1992 GE. The letters need to go in to the 1922 Committee now, before Parliament rises.

Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. comes at a crucial time. He will no doubt press home the point that BRINO will scupper any chance of an Anglo-American trade deal. Since the U.K. profits from trade with the US, as opposed to a £85 billion plus loss-maker with the EU, lets hope money talks! If not, forget the special relationship. The moment of truth is upon us.

President Trump hits the nail on the head when complaining about the EU protection racket, it’s failure to stump up for NATO, and the use it has been put to to enhance German exports. The EU is a creature of Germany, yet our PM apparently sought approval of her Chequers agreement before putting it to Cabinet. This is an outrageous act and wholly unconstitutional.

Where Mr Trump ought to complain more softly is on the Russian oil/gas pipeline providing Germany with 70% of its energy needs. For here is a geopolitical opportunity for both the US and U.K. to forge a treaty with Russia. Thankfully, the EU is past the zenith of its power. The bloc, with its roots in Nazism, are not our friends. Nor is Germany, and we may sleep easier if we know the Hun stays on one knee.

In Press reports today, we learn some 80 murders have happened in London this year. With no bobbies on the beat, unsolved crimes will of course escalate, an inevitable product of Tory policy to close half the capital’s police stations. What is our Mayor of London going to do about it? Sorry, he is too busy putting up an inflated balloon to insult not just Donald Trump but the American people he represents.

Our government has reduced the U.K. to a laughing-stock, they have cornered the market in incompetence. The People are angry, and rightly so. We call on all Brexit groups across the political spectrum to come together, pile in those letters to MPs constituency offices and serve notice that this state of affairs will not stand. Let’s hit them where it hurts: in the ballot box. is a cross-party membership association. Lifetime membership £3 only. If you can, please Donate Now.


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