Torquil Dick-Erikson explains

Torquil Dick-Erikson explains to Caroline Stephens the iniquities of the European Arrest Warrant and how it paves a path to tyranny. That until Habeas Corpus is restored, we will never get Brexit, just BRINO.

Fresh Hope For Brexit

Caroline Stephens, Campaigns Officer for Democracy 17.4 makes a moving plea for 600 people of good standing to stand for Parliament to ensure we get the Brexit we voted for.

Democracy 17.4 ~ Daily Brexit for

In this video, Sir William Jaffray, chairman & co-Founder of Democracy17.4, explains the purpose behind his membership association. It calls for a political revolution in the U.K. whereby each of the 650 constituencies sends their independent local representative to Parliament to replace existing MPs; on a dual mandate to deliver Brexit and to ensure local issues are resolved; and thus solve the disenfranchisement of the majority of the electorate.